Originals wanted as brand ambassadors.

While many brands leverage social to build a community, Levi’s also wanted to attract a contagious workforce. Rule of 3 assisted, creating engaging social videos that turned work into a movement.

Celebrating the power of together.

Our pets are now viewed as full-fledged family members. To help Petco differentiate itself from its big box competitor, we created an emotional tribute to our copilots and companions.

Leveraging the power of humanity.

Power to the people—television touting the positive energy created by PG&E’s smart meters and featuring actual PG&E customers. The animated effect mirrored the LED readouts of the meters and invited customers to flex their power.

Indian street food with serious street cred

RO3’s love of fast casual dining continues in partnership with Curry Up Now! This colorful Bay Area chain mashes up Indian bites, Mexican burritos, french fries and more. Our social, digital and POP work sets out to capture the food and the fun. Sample the work, and the “flava!”

Above, our spicy campaign to welcome a new Curry Up eatery—a mashup of India and Oakland swagger. Below, social and in-store that captures the brand’s colorful personality.

Mix together Bangalore and Bollywood spice and you get RO3’s engagement-driving videos.

Apple fanboys sell the next big thing.

We contributed to the Samsung’s popular “Line at the Apple Store” TV campaign while working with 72 & Sunny in Los Angeles. The spots depict adoring fanboys waiting for the next big thing from Apple, only to discover it has arrived from an unexpected place.

Documenting the world’s first “phablet.”

The Galaxy Note was Samsung’s effort to merge tablet and phone. Why does the world need a ‘phablet?’ At 72 & Sunny, we created a series of real-life documentary Web films to demonstrate exactly that – showing the device in the hands of a range of interesting people.

What if the movies talked back?

Created back when founder David was part of a team at Deutsch, this campaign broke down the fourth wall between TV and viewer to let the content itself make the sell.

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