Before founding Rule of 3, our founders built successful careers at some of the West Coast’s most prestigious advertising agencies. Below you’ll find a sampling of creative from our past lives, crafting work for some of the world’s most demanding and interesting clients.


We contributed to the Samsung’s popular “Line at the Apple Store” TV campaign while working with 72 & Sunny in Los Angeles. The spots depict adoring fanboys waiting for the next big thing from Apple, only to discover it has arrived from an unexpected place.


A legendary founder of Silicon Valley is up against some stiff winds with competitors like Apple and Google. Here, we contributed to a campaign designed to make HP part of the modern conversation — Everybody On.

More HP

The above wasn’t our first HP rodeo. We’ve been tasked with working on the business multiple times, including creating an employee-rallying Culture Film that reasserts the relevance and importance of HP in today’s world.

Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note was Samsung’s effort to merge tablet and phone. Why does the world need a ‘phablet?’ At 72 & Sunny, we created a series of real-life documentary Web films to demonstrate exactly that – showing the device in the hands of a range of interesting people.


It’s the one event where the size of the waves is only outdone by the size of the trolling Great White Sharks. Mavericks is the world’s most famous – and to be blunt, lethal – surf competition. While working with Y&R, we took on the equally daunting challenge of turning the Mavericks legend into a powerful brand to be featured on apparel and marketed to advance the sport of surfing. The videos have proved hugely popular online, helping a big wave event seem even bigger.


To pitch the REI business we created a website and video that shows an agency team going further than ever to win an account. In fact, it showed us trekking from San Francisco to REI headquarters in Seattle-a video that got us into the running for the account. Print for the final presentation reflects REI’s social conscience as well as its outdoor enthusiast product offerings.


Two campaigns for the satellite TV leader: Literally breaking down the fourth wall between TV and viewer to let the content make the sell; and, putting subscriber’s in the studio for James Lipton to marvel at their TV-watching prowess.


Back from the days of Don Draper and Roger Sterling, this classic brand was refreshed through the work here. Turning the “W” of the company name into an iconic visual element.


The NCAA typically comes to mind when thinking of sanctions on players. We wanted to remind the world that the organization helps to turn thousands of student-athletes into well-rounded, successful people every year.

Engage 360

To start a movement by Californians for Californians, we came up with The Golden Goal: To save 20% of our energy by 2020. We tapped influencers that were already saving energy to be the voice of the movement. Through Community Outreach, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and online advertising we were able to create a groundswell.

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