Impact Community Capital was investing for social impact before there was a term for it, financing affordable housing, healthcare and childcare. Focused on mission and messaging, RO3 completely rebuilt the brand in collaboration with Impact’s leadership—from statement language to logo design. We helped IMPACT stake a rightful claim as a category pioneer and leader. And we then spent two-plus years driving Impact’s content messaging strategy to build their community and attract new investment partners.

To illustrate a mission that endeavors to benefit both communities and institutional investors, Rule of 3’s website design offers two points of entry. Click left for the social impact story. Click right for the financial impact story. Discover “positive returns” for all. Visit

Defining ‘Positive Returns’ for all.

We took the time to get IMPACT’s value proposition right, starting with a six-month strategic phase in which the brand messaging architecture was taken apart and rebuilt, phrase by phrase. From mission statement to fine-tuned support points tailored to each IMPACT audience, we laid the intellectual foundation for powerful communication.

Logo, guidelines, soup, nuts.

Our deep understanding of IMPACT and redefined strategy shaped a brand exploration and redesign. Dozens of logos were considered, with the winner soon surrounded with integrated colors, typography, photographic style and voice guidelines. IMPACT now had a cohesive, crafted and modern look as compelling as its vision.

The new mark we designed brings importance to the capital “I” in IMPACT with a visual nod to the look of a door or window as well—honoring IMPACT’s vital role in financing community housing.

For IMPACT, Rule of 3 has infused a technical b-to-b message with clarity and visual modernity – the face of a technical leader.

Let’s light this candle.

With a newly crystallized strategy, brand identity, tagline and website in place, Rule of 3 evolved IMPACT’s library of sales support materials and now drives IMPACT’s digital and social outreach. Every aspect of the company’s lead generation engine is up and running, as our support has moved on to driving engagement and opening the door to new financial investments.

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