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During this unprecedented time in our economy, implementing an effective remote environment is essential. I’ve been working remotely since before it was cool, way back in 2006. At that time there weren’t many resources available that provided keys to a successful transition. Thankfully, remote work was part of the company culture. Individually, though there are keys to success that I learned through trial and error. You can adapt quickly to working from home by implementing these 3 simple rules.

#1 – Create a routine and stick to it. When I first started working from home, there were times that I didn’t shower until 5 pm or get out of my sweatpants (yikes!). It’s critical to establish a morning routine and stay consistent with it every day.

#2 – Get organized. Video calls should NOT take 2 hours. Organization will save you time, frustration, and provide a sense of accomplishment. Do things like set agendas for meetings and parking lot in-depth questions for one on one interactions. Keep an update to date individual calendar that can be shared so everyone can see your schedule.

#3 – Use technology to your advantage. Uncover and take full advantage of all the tools available with your software. Whether you are using Gmail Suite for Business, Outlook, Salesforce, Basecamp, or other software, there are built-in features that you probably aren’t using which will benefit your remote team. Set up automatic workflows, email notifications, and learn new features to share with your team. Technology utilized effectively is a change maker.

These 3 rules coupled with a sense of humor will make your transition from in the office to remote working easier and more enjoyable.

There are so many important things to talk about right now. Family. Health. Financial security. But then there’s the toilet paper hoarding to lighten the mood. And today, I noticed “coronavirus” had been added to the weather report complete with a tiny virus icon to match “sunny” and “showers.”

Tomorrow is partly sunny with a chance of infection.

So while marketing perspectives surely can wait, here is one observation I have as we all make an attempt at “business as usual” that is anything but.

If you had told me a month ago the challenges our team takes on at Rule of 3 would matter to the world—really, really matter—I might have shrugged half convinced. I mean, why would virtual telemedicine be more than just a convenience? Why would a digital stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs be better than the standard issue? How could a DNA test for fungus lead to a life-saving test for viruses?

And yet, here we find ourselves—assisting companies in all of these pursuits, now so much more resonant in their potential return.

I hope, in some small way, our experience helps you appreciate the marketing challenges you get to take on. Even if you’re not working on COVID-19 testing, it’s all connected. Donut jingles and jobs. B-to-b messaging and personal well-being. Restaurant BOGO campaigns and putting a smile on the faces of our kids after home-schooling. Biotech eblasts and the 401K’s we hope will boomerang back. Toilet paper TV spots and, well, the memes that keep us keepin’ on.

What we do in marketing matters. And you never know when the value of what you are working on will really hit home.