Welcome to the “awesome IPO” club.

Experiential created at the NYSE as RO3 helped Lending Club enjoy the largest IPO of 2014. The complete case study is just a click away, below.

Leveraging the power of humanity.

Power to the people—television touting the positive energy created by PG&E’s smart meters and featuring actual PG&E customers. The animated effect mirrored the LED readouts of the meters and invited customers to flex their power.

The preeminent biotech leader

Amgen looked to herald a new fight against cardiovascular disease. Our solution featured Amgen’s scientific fighters, front and center. Leveraging the company’s name and logo type style, we made the company’s mission ownable as well as personal.

Wearable tech for every woman

To compete with the likes Fitbit and Bellabeat, Ava Science wanted to reposition their fertility tracking bracelet. RO3 helped, driving engagement via lively creative touting a new way for every woman to track their cycle, moods and health. Fertility is still part of the story, but now all women can benefit from the scientific insight of Ava. Below, our tour de force Ava video.

A lively video depicting how Ava can help every woman make informed decisions for her health.

Filling the feed with the stages of a woman’s cycle and the potential insight of Ava.

Creating a community of support for cancer patients.

A small thing to help cancer patients get through a big thing. RO3 has helped The Wig Exchange connect cancer patients and survivors to share a wig and good karma. Here we tell the stories of nameless, faceless patients who need hope as well as hair to soldier on. The work is featured at oncologist’s offices as well as via social channels.

Indian street food with serious street cred

RO3’s love of fast casual dining continues in partnership with Curry Up Now! This colorful Bay Area chain mashes up Indian bites, Mexican burritos, french fries and more. Our social, digital and POP work sets out to capture the food and the fun. Sample the work, and the “flava!”

Above, our spicy campaign to welcome a new Curry Up eatery—a mashup of India and Oakland swagger. Below, social and in-store that captures the brand’s colorful personality.

Mix together Bangalore and Bollywood spice and you get RO3’s engagement-driving videos.

50 craft beers, one unbeatable attitude.

We proudly took part in rebranding BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse from soup to IPA lager. Sample an appetizer below—then click to see the complete 360-degree case history.

TV was one tactic that helped BJ’s double web traffic and dramatically boost mobile engagement.

The Original San Francisco Sourdough, refreshed.

As Agency of Record, Rule of 3 introduced a contemporary design and voice for a brand in need of a refresh. Here’s a sampling of our work, with a deeper dive into our seasonal campaigns in the Boudin case study.

Stop animation video creating to tout a Boudin summer promotion, and starring its fresh-baked animal breads.

A business-minded case for nicer office furniture.

Friant challenges office furniture stalwarts like Steelcase with competitive offerings that work for every business–including those selling Friant. Our campaign focuses on the “business sense” behind chosing Friant.

Poster art for Toronto, Sundance and for good.

The documentary filmmakers of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” tasked Rule of 3 with creating traditional, social and title graphics for the upcoming film, “A Revolution in Four Seasons.” Film show poster and social .gif explore the complexities of the Arab Spring. Our thanks to director/producer Jessie Deeter for the fascinating opportunity.

Supporting California environmentalists. And fish.

Hey, fish are people too. Or at least they should be treated that way. We worked with California’s ‘keeper of the streams’ to raise awareness for protecting wild trout, steelhead and salmon. The campaign links anglers to each other and to the cause, featuring print ads, posters and digital, including a community-building, multifunction mobile app.

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