With negative feedback running high for healthcare providers, regional provider Banner Health sought a big brand idea to rally around. Pitching against agencies from New York to LA, Rule of 3 delivered the winning campaign. Today Banner is inviting residents throughout the Southwest to discover a system dedicated to making healthcare easier… so instead of holding their breath, they can Exhale.


They captured our healthcare mission in a simple,elegant brand idea that now inspires our company.

Alexandra Morehouse, Chief Marketing Officer, Banner Health

RO3’s Exhale idea unified Banner’s 30-
plus hospitals, 10,000 caregivers, research
facilities and health clinics
in 5 states.

Sustaining Campaign

With Exhale launched as a tagline, the campaign will expand into other emotive words to cover every aspect of healthcare—supporting all aspects of the Banner network, from hospitals to cancer research.

Internal Campaign

The Exhale promise is delivered person to person—so we’re boosting the morale of Banner’s caregivers and rewarding them for helping everyone breathe easier.

Against a backdrop of p.r. challenges
in Tucson, sponsoring U of A’s Wildcats
demonstrated Banner’s local commitment.


With a purchase of the University of Arizona Medical Center, Banner’s challenge in Tucson was unique. Our solution was to build good will through deepening the universal love for Arizona Wildcats basketball. And demonstrate Banner’s desire to deliver healthy wins of every kind.

Through “Go Cats,” Banner’s first wave of work in Tucson in years has laid the groundwork to improving perceptions of Banner Health locally.

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